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Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Skin

Skin is the largest organ of our body. As important as it is to take care of our body systems internally, it is equally essential to invest and pamper our skin as well. There is no one way to take care of your skin though because skin differs in thickness and anatomy depending on the location.

When we talk skincare, it doesn’t just include buying a skin care cream online and then applying it daily to get magical results. You need to first understand your skin type and then choose products accordingly. We know that for beginners, the subtleties and details of skincare can be a lot to take so we are putting in the foremost basic information you need to acquire before starting your skincare regime.

1. Understand Your Skin Type

This is a very crucial step that most of us completely skip before being pulled into marketing techniques and buying products that do not suit our skin type. A great way to start is by identifying the amount of oil produced in your skin.

There are three basic skin types, dry, sensitive and oily. A fourth type involves oil production around the T-zone but dryness or normal skin type around the rest of the face. This is a very common skin type and is called combination skin.

Watch a YouTube tutorial to identify your skin type. There are plenty of quite convenient ways to do that with little to no investment required.

2. Avoid Home Remedies Without Proper Application and Prescription

We all have come across pages, influencers and even celebrities who claim how applying a certain kitchen ingredient on their face worked wonders for them and transformed their skin into perfection. That has proven to be highly unlikely since kitchen ingredients fail to bring any benefits if they aren’t used in the right manner and right time.

Most of these people are either unaware of skincare-related science themselves or are following a certain marketing technique to bring in customers or followers. Because trust us, applying things like baking soda and lime juice on your skin can do you more harm than good.

3. Take Small Steps

It is not recommended to rush in and buy as many products as you can. A wise investment will not make you regret anything in the longer run. Once you’ve identified your skin type, do some research on what products will suit your skin type.

Start with a cleanser, then move up to cream and serums. The key is to not take long and lengthy leaps or apply test multiple products on your skin at a time.

4. Choose Products Wisely

It is very important to understand the ingredients in your skincare. Try to stay away from fragrances especially if you have sensitive skin as parfum can be irritating. In the case of oily skin folks, products containing oil should be avoided to reduce the risk of clogged pores. On the other hand, dry skin requires ample moisture and hydration to stay healthy.

When choosing a product, be wary of any ingredients that may have a negative effect on your skin. There are plenty of options in the market, each containing a different formula. While it can be tricky to identify which ingredients and formulations suit your skin type, only experience, time and patience can reveal that.

5. Do Not Expect Magical Results

The biggest mistake a skincare junkie or beginner can make is expecting extraordinary results from products. Each product and formulations show results within the span of a specific amount of time. For example, if you’ve incorporated retinol in your skincare, you should wait at least a month to be able to see results.

Contrary to what the retailers claim about their products having the ability to give your perfect and smooth skin within one night, the reality is otherwise. Patience is the key to creating a great skincare regimen for your skin type.

In short, there are certain steps one should follow before starting their skincare journey. Jumping into skincare with a lack of knowledge has done people harm in the past. Keep in mind that despite following all safety measures and doing thorough research, you may still make mistakes. Skin is an organ that varies heavily from person to person. Even people who apparently have similar skin types are not necessarily meant to have similar results after the use of a product.

Great options are available in the online and offline market where you can buy quality skincare. Organic Skin by Mina is an online skincare store in the US that provides skin-specific solutions for each individual and produces a wide range of skincare products that are worth investing in.

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