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Pearl Lotion: Let Your Skin Shine



BRIGHTEN MAGIC: infused with the famous natural combo of Kojic acid, Glutathione, and AHA, our Pearl Lotion will lightly penetrate your skin and illuminate your beautiful complexion.


LET IT GLOW: effortlessly sink into your skin to create the infamous “glass skin” look. Plus, it shortens your morning routine with SPF 40. No need for sunscreen here.


FILLER EFFECT: Give your skin a daily dose of hydration, provide essential moisture to keep skin healthy, and plump it with natural collagen. …To keep those wrinkles at bay.


CLINICALLY APPROVED: recommended by physicians to hydrate your skin with skin-friendly ingredients and quick-acting formulations that completely change yhe life of your life.


ALL-IN-1-LOTION: hydrating, anti-aging, and brightening? It got it all. It is a tremendous lazy lotion for any busy bee out there. Let your skin glow. Like how it deserves!


SKU: 0028
  • For best results

    Shake well before use. Cleanse the skin with

    cleanser and let dry before each use. Apply

    lotion to the whole body. Better effect when

    accompanied with any of our body serums or oils. For faster results, use daily in the morning and at night. Avoid the eyes area.

  • Propylene Glycol, Carrot Extract, Vitamin E, Kojic Acid, Glutathione, Collagen, Carrot Oil

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