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Soaps And Scrubs

Having dry and dreary skin can be very irritating and quite embarrassing for you. However, these skin problems can be treated by using body scrubs and oil serums. Moisturizing and exfoliating your skin can help you get rid of dead skin cells from the surface. It will reveal your pretty and glowing skin. Also, through exfoliating, you will be putting away the dirt and impurities from your skin.


Take your skin routine level up with the flawless moisturizing body scrubs that you can find in the market.


Dead cells that are present on your skin are the cause of your dreary-looking and less impressive skin. So what are you waiting for? If you want your skin to look flawlessly beautiful and fresh, buy body scrubs online from Organic Skins by Mina.

Types Of Body Scrubs:

Scrubbing your skin is a great way to maintain your skin’s health. It removes dead skin cells along with dirt particles and impurities. You have to make it a habit of doing this process before or after taking a bath. Just a reminder that you don’t have to use body scrubs on a day to day basis as they can be harmful to your skin. Moreover, it can cause irritation or inflammation if you do it daily. The max you can go for scrubbing your body is 3 times a week. Plus, before exfoliating, you should check the product, then if there’s the right amount of beads, and what should be the level of rubbing for your skin type.


If your skin is sensitive, then go for cream scrubs with a very light texture. If your preferences are for a rougher scrubbing experience then salt body scrubs will be the best bet for you. Let’s take at some of the types of body scrubs below:

Salt Body Scrubs:

Features: Made from different ingredients like lavender, orange peels, lemons, lemongrass and other herbal ingredients.

Benefits: Leaves a fresh, smooth, and glow skin after using these scrubs. Eliminates dead skin cells.

Herbal Body Scrubs:

Features: Many ingredients are used in making herbal body scrub. Oatmeal, almonds, yogurt or Aloe vera.

Benefits: Maximum therapeutic benefits from herbal ingredients.

Moisturizing Body Scrubs:

Features: Vitamins and Minerals that are good for the skin.

Benefits: Cleanse and moisturize the skin. Eliminates excessive oils and impurities.

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